Saudi Expat

Saudi desert had unfriendly condition
hot summer wind
blasting noon light

in here, everything is ablaze
houses, bridges, roads, wild grass
desert fox, even
gasoline station with an Indian fellow
offered a smile before checking your tire if blazing

my hand is on the handle of my bag
still trembling
immigration officer
making fun of me with an awful joke
at Dammam airport

there is no forest here
land is not flat
no mountainous
but a rolling frozen wave

I was here to work with contract
in an empty golden sand
where I stood
I saw the sun slowly go to the ends of the earth
turning everything into ocean

and robins practically flew toward the fading sun

and the wind always moaning at night



The cloud withdrew
A low rumbling noise

Dropping soldiers

And they crawl
And crawl

How they came in
At tall grasses

And lost at it
And never crawl out

The rotor flew away
And hovers back

Dropped soldiers
Day and night

Until they got tired
And felt these all was shit

Smoke wrinkled its space

The world
Doesnt says a word

About it,

it is a g..dammed Nam

First post in teacups and pencil

Writers block

some poet who had lost their touch of inspiration

they found themselves back to nature
the swaying of the trees
can catch their attention on morning walk
even the moon became vibrant at windy night
even the bird in tree
they begun to scribblle word

it took days to get back on
what is lost on their track
sometimes years

and they never stop

pile of crumpled paper beneath their bed became an empire

they sat at the porch
listening to the moaning of the wind on summer eve

damn, they always grunt

imagining themselves at the table holding a pen

Over the sidewalk

I throw my bag at the corner
of our room
I could still smell the green grass
on my way home
we walked 1 kilometer everyday
It was a small town, only few hour
from the city
I have no friend
at my new school
only few, maybe 3 or 4
sometimes, only 1
loser that sat with me at the bench field

I seldom speak
and my silenced grow worst everyday
Often, I look at the wall
picture of horse standing
the blue skies
and the river also blue
even the moon had smudge of blue Sprays

I am the new guy
and the bullies always waited the new guy walked
on the street
after the class
and they beat every new guy over the sidewalk
but I never run

I beat them too
and my brothers got mad
we were three boys at the family
and we waited the brother
of the guy
that broke my face

we hold him under the large three
and he groan on every blow
we throw
until he spit blood and cried
Coward, coward, coward
his face is bleeding, we are laughing
we never cry in every
fight we got, we fought back

hey! dont ever came home crying
because of a fight,

Pa yelled at us
you should fight and do not run

he walk away holding a glass of beer smiling
and sat near beside the window

Kingpin of Manila

KIngpin of Manila

Flattened nail


In an abandoned building

A man

Stretched an elastic cord

Attached carefully in a piece of wood

Cold blood

Soul less beast


Flew swift

Without making a dramatic sound

Just a long swish

Making its way through the rain

The unlucky one took it on

His rib cage

Down to his lungs

Blood gush

Staining the white shirt

In a few moment

He kneeled

Gasping for air

The son of a bitch got me

That son of a bitch got me

He cried

In the corner

Who does care if they killing

In the dark

The city is a jungle

The whole country know

What happened in the 50s

Pack of stray dog

Roamed aimlessly under

Polluted-smoke sky

King smirked

His diabolical stare

And his hiss

Still they love him

lord of lies


On his hideous crime

Repost from teacups and pencils

Funeral by the roadside

circling their dead

cawing a mournful prayer

their ancient ancestry

twitching head sideway

on the cloud

moving slow back to the dead

few begun a burial dance

and their heads bowing in symmetrical sadness

some observed at the treetops

singing silent at the fallen comrade

probably the closest started pecking

the wing feathers

Accidentally dismembering both

the eyes from the socket

before a passing car crashed it twice

they flew at the treebranches

mimicking borrowed tongue

from dog barks,

coughing old lady, a walkie

talkie radio prank call

to goosebump baby’s laughter

Repost from # teacups and pencils

On marriage

We were young when we decided to settle down
we still in college
those days where we read
about the spies
about dinosaurs
the butterfly
entombed between the pages
of the book

my salary is not enough
I cant even buy cheap
paperback novel
of my favorite author

sometimes we got lonely
listening only to cricket
and the cold so terrible
we sat all night in the dim dark room

I always rush myself to go to my work,
holding my bag, paper back novel
I read between meal
between traveling
between sleep
And we had this rain
Always pouring
all night
making everyone shiver
blanket in the dark